FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Use a file sharing service like Dropbox or Hightail to send us your files.

Yes. We can also host and stream your music in your password protected EPK.

Your EPK will be assigned a single password that we give to you and you alone. It is up to you to share that password with whomever you wish.

We recommend you use a hosting company like GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Hosting. The majority of our client sites use it and grant Attila Juhasz management access in order to build the site for you. Details and instructions will be provided.

If you need help setting up the hosting, we can do it for you. For a small fee, we will set up and manage the hosting account for you and include the annual hosting fee in your

Yes. We can do all your site and plug-in upgrades.

We can also update your site content. Contact us about your needs and we’ll give you a quote.

In most cases, the price ends up being what is listed on the site. It isn’t until we share some dialogue through email or phone that we can determine the full scope of your project.

Monday through Friday,  9:00am – 5:00pm  Arizona Mountain Time

Closed on holidays.

Click here to see what time it is in Phoenix, AZ.

Yes. We communicate via email instead of telephone with our international clients.

We accept payment through PayPal. Major credit cards are accepted through PayPal.

Payment is required in advance.