About Attila and Music Web Services

With an extensive background in the music industry, Attila Juhasz formed Music Web Services to offer quality web, graphics and editing services catering to bands and artists.

In the 90s, Attila was the publisher on NY Onslaught magazine distributed by Tower Records. He was the band manager for No More Johnny who performed with major acts in NY venues including The Ritz and The Palladium. Through NY Onslaught, Attila’s industry strength grew as he interviewed greats like Ronnie James Dio, Michael Schenker, Geezer Butler and Rob Halford; a cover story on Rob Halford lead to a long working relationship and friendship between the two.

In 1995, in a text-ascii-only world of the internet, Attila was one of the first to market a major-label band, Rob Halford’s Fight on Sony’s Epic Records, on the Internet, posting tour dates and messages from the band and management. Attila became Rob Halford’s internet go-to.

Attila built and managed every solo-venture web site in Rob Halford’s career since then. In 2005 Attila moved to Phoenix, AZ to be Director of Marketing for Halford’s Metal God Entertainment company through 2012. Attila’s was hands-on with graphics, video editing, production and marketing of 20 global releases distributed by Universal Music, Warner ADA and Sony Japan.

Since 2012, Attila and Music Web Services have worked with numerous artist including Martha Wash, Foghat, Roy Z, Leatherwolf and many others.

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