Roger Earl – Drums
Craig MacGregor – Bass
Bryan Bassett – Lead/Slide Guitar
Charlie Huhn – Guitar/Lead Vocals


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If Foghat had only given us “Slow Ride,” the band’s place in rock history would be secure. But the band is much more than that. Foghat is “Fool for the City.” and “I Just Want to Make Love To You.” Foghat is a slew of classic albums, among them Foghat, Rock and Roll Outlaws, Fool For the City, Foghat LIVE, and Stone Blue along with some of their best this decade in Family Joules, LIVE II and Last Train Home.

Foghat is some of the best blues-boogie-rock ever recorded by one of the biggest bands of the 1970s/’80s. And they are continuing today with as much energy as they had back ‘in the day’! The band is just as fiery and intense as ever - only nowadays their audience consists of fans of all ages. Kids who learned about Foghat from Guitar Hero III and their grandparents who bought their first Vinyl or 8 Track!


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The Word of Rock n' Roll

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The Word of Rock n' Roll by FOGHAT

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Foghat Records
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Slow Ride

Fool for the City

I Just Want to Make Love to You

The World of Rock n' Roll (Lyric Video)




In the late 1960’s Roger Earl and Lonesome Dave Peverett first toured America as members of the seminal British Blues band "Savoy Brown". In 1971, wanting to give their music a more Rock ‘n Roll feel they enlisted lead/slide guitarist Rod Price & bassist Tony Stevens, formed a new band, "Foghat", and the rest is part of Rock and Roll history.

Signed to Bearsville Records in 1971, the band recorded and began touring relentlessly for the next 14 years. Their hard work has thus far been rewarded with Eight Gold records, One Platinum record "Fool for the City" (1975), and one Double-Platinum record "Foghat Live" (1977). The "Fool for the City" album contained their trademark Top 40 hit song "Slow Ride" and cemented their place as one of the world’s top rock acts. They continued to hit the charts in the 1970’s with singles such as "Fool For The City", "Drivin' Wheel", "I Just Want To Make Love To You", "I’ll Be Standing By", "Stone Blue", "Third Time Lucky" and "Somebody’s Been Sleeping In My Bed"… many of which are still classic rock radio staples.

Foghat toured and recorded non-stop into the mid-eighties. Tony Stevens had left the band in 1974 to pursue other interests, and was replaced by bassist Craig MacGregor (with a short stint with Nick Jameson in between). Rod Price departed the band in 1980. In 1985 Lonesome Dave returned to England for a well-deserved break from touring, while Roger remained in the U.S. and continued to carry the Foghat flag, touring non-stop with various new musicians and Foghat alumni. In 1989 Lonesome Dave resumed touring in the states with future member Bryan Bassett. But it is 1994 that marks the return of Foghat to the world stage, when the original members reunite for the recording of "Return of the Boogie Men". Being back on the road, non-stop, once again yielded a new live CD for the band titled "Road Cases”, released in 1997.

In 1998, Lonesome Dave is diagnosed with kidney cancer. He battles it with amazing strength and courage and decides he would like to tour again in 1999. With Rod Price’s decision not to resume touring, Dave calls his old friend Bryan Bassett, who is touring with "Molly Hatchet" and asks him to join the band. Lonesome Dave, one of the all time great rock ‘n rollers, and consummate professional, performs flawlessly night after night, doing what he loved doing best…while still undergoing chemotherapy. The tour was cut short in the fall of 1999, when Dave returns home. He sadly passes away on February 7, 2000. Family and friends are devastated. One of Rock n’ Rolls legendary performers is mourned by thousands of fans.

As all who knew and loved Dave tried to adjust to this devastating loss, the band had to decide what to do. To continue after this great loss was the question. Even Dave’s encouragement to keep the band together and to ‘Keep on Rockin’ was not enough to convince the band that they should go on. After much soul searching and support from the fans, Roger began to check out some singers. Trying to find that blend of blues and rock so important to the band’s sound, Roger happened to recall seeing a "Humble Pie" show with Dave a few years before his passing. They had wanted to see who was singing their mate Stevie Marriott’s songs and they were pleasantly surprised and impressed! The singer was former "Ted Nugent" and "Victory" vocalist Charlie Huhn. So Roger contacted Charlie and a rehearsal was set up at SIR in New York. After just a few hours of jamming, the chemistry was undeniable and all agreed that this was the person to join the band and take it into the future. Charlie’s vocal ability and guitar playing fit the music perfectly and his high-energy stage presence provided that essential ingredient in a "Foghat" performance.

The new line-up began to tour extensively, doing what they loved to do and do best…taking their music to the fans. The camaraderie and fun was apparent in their live performances. After two solid years of touring the band entered the studio to write and record a new studio album called “Family Joules”, which was released in 2003 to great reviews. If anyone ever dared to ask if Foghat were still relevant, surely the track “Mumbo Jumbo” gave a resounding YES!

In 2004 they released a live DVD called “The Official Bootleg DVD, Volume 1” and at the end of that year, veteran Foghat bassist extraordinaire Craig Macgregor rejoined the lineup launching Foghat's hard rocking tradition into the future.

In 2007 they released a new double live CD entitled “FOGHAT LIVE II” , (recorded in 2005 & 2007) to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the original ‘Foghat LIVE’, and the reviews were exceptional! This opened up a new chapter for Foghat. The band was as good as ever, carrying on their rock n’ roll boogie tradition.

In 2007 while promoting “LIVE II”, the band was invited to record a live session for DJ Mark Klein’s weekly ‘Long Island Blues Warehouse Radio Show’ which was recorded to 2 track. They ended up releasing it as “Live at the Blues Warehouse” in 2009 and again this CD got rave reviews for its simple, raw, straight ahead recording and playing!

The last few years has Foghat reaching a whole new generation of fans largely as a result of their incessant touring but also due to their songs appearing on such popular home video games as Guitar Hero III & Grand Theft Auto. Having their music in movies such as ‘Dazed & Confused’, ‘Wild Hogs’, ‘Bottle Shock’ and ‘Halloween II’ along with numerous TV shows and ads such as Honda among others didn’t hurt either. As a result, the live dates continue to pile up and the boogie continues.

In 2008 Foghat founding member Roger Earl, launched Foghat’s own brand of wine called “FOGHAT CELLARS” in conjunction with well known winemaker Steve Rasmussen. Their first offering was a 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon from Paso Robles which got rave reviews! Now, in their 6th year as winemakers, they have harvested and released two Chardonnay vintages (2008 and 2010) another Cabernet Sauvignon (2007) and a delicious 2010 Pinot Noir. Wine & music, what a combination.

Foghat’s latest CD project ‘LAST TRAIN HOME’ (released June 15, 2010) was the culmination of a dream shared by Roger Earl and Lonesome Dave Peverett . It contained some of their favorite blues songs, three originals ('Born for the Road', 'Last Train Home' and '495 Boogie)', and two songs by special guest performer and long time friend, Eddie 'Bluesman' Kirkland who was 86. He had played with Foghat as a special guest back in 1977 at Foghat’s Tribute to the Blues at the New York Palladium, and remained a good friend of the band. (Sadly, Eddie Kirkland was killed in a car accident on February 27th, 2011).

Also performing on ‘LAST TRAIN HOME’ are Colin Earl / piano, Jeff Howell / bass and Lefty Lefkowitz / harmonica. According to Earl “This CD is a testimony to Lonesome Dave. We always planned to do this. I am so fortunate to have partners in band members Charlie Huhn and Bryan Bassett who share the same passion for the blues. It was not hard work putting this album together; playing this kind of music is joyous. We had a blast!” With ‘LAST TRAIN HOME’ Foghat comes full circle, with an offering that mixes some Foghat Blues stamped originals with many blues gems. This album has gotten consistently incredible reviews and is guaranteed to become a classic.

Foghat has never stopped touring and recording. They have been together in one form or another, with Roger Earl steadfastly in that drum seat throughout for 42 years now! And 2013 is bringing lots of new and exciting releases and new projects for the band. They are releasing two singles, a DVD and a Christmas song, along with a new CD which is in the works for early 2014. This band never sleeps or rests on its history!

They still tour relentlessly because they just love to play, which is evident in the passion and fun they have onstage during their live performances.

That is what Foghat is all about. It’s about the music!

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Fans will soon be able to experience the high energy of a Foghat concert from the comfort of their living room, with the DVD release of their performance at Jannus Landing, “LIVE IN ST. PETE.” While most classic rock bands have made it due to monster selling studio albums, Foghat has always been an exception to that rule with their 1977 “FOGHAT LIVE” album being their biggest seller! (Double Platinum). And this holds true to this day as Foghat still tours relentlessly with their thunderous blend of blues, boogie and rock n’ roll. They hit the stage with all cylinders firing and still remain one of the best live bands today with not only as much energy but with 40+ years of additional experience.

One concert review stated “There is so much talent in this band it is ridiculous”. The man who we have to thank for keeping Foghat going and never stopping is founding member Roger Earl who treats the fans to a wicked drum solo. Incredible bassist Craig Macgregor has been a Foghat member since 1975 and played on some of their most successful albums in the 70’s including “FOGHAT LIVE,” “NIGHT SHIFT,” and “STONE BLUE.” Lead/slide guitarist Bryan Bassett is an alumni of both Wild Cherry and Molly Hatchet, while vocalist/guitarist Charlie Huhn played with Ted Nugent, Gary Moore and Humble Pie.

All of Foghat's classics are included in this DVD - "Fool for the City," "I Just Want to Make Love to You," "Stone Blue," “Drivin’ Wheel,” “ My Babe,” and of course, "Slow Ride, “ among many others.

A stellar review of this show states: “We were in the front row which proved to be a dangerous situation as we were directly in Bassett’s “shred zone” and our faces were completely melted off. He played a cherrywood Gibson SG and was a Jedi Slide Master. Overall, the concert was exactly what you would expect from Foghat. Lengthy guitar solos, mostly the hit songs that they are known for, playing to the crowd and a 15 minute Slow Ride encore!”

Perhaps the editor of the popular Classic Rock Revisited website, Jeb Wright, sums it up best in the DVD's liner notes - "Brilliant Simplicity is the term I use to describe the music of Foghat. As a band, they do not try to dazzle you with their virtuosity, or baffle you with their bullshit. Instead, as this DVD proves, they simply rock you to your core and put a smile on your face. "


  1. Road Fever

  2. Take Me To The River

  3. My Babe

  4. Drivin' Wheel

  5. Stone Blue

  6. Rollin' and Tumblin' / You Need Love

  7. Terraplane Blues

  8. Fool For The City

  9. I Just Want To Make Love To You

  10. Slow Ride





Foghat is ready to spread some holiday cheer with their amps cranked to ten for their instrumental Rockin’ version of “Winter Wonderland.”

Only the second instrumental ever recorded by Foghat (2010’s "495 Boogie" being the first), the band - comprised of drummer Roger Earl, bassist Craig MacGregor, lead/slide guitarist Bryan Bassett, and singer/guitarist Charlie Huhn - had a lot of fun recording the track down at their home/studio, “Boogie Motel South,” in Florida, where they simply picked up their instruments, and started jammin’. The tune started to rock and some surprising extras were added to lend to the holiday spirit.

Foghat's presence has remained steady on rock radio for decades, due to such all-time rock anthems as "Slow Ride" and "Fool for the City." And the band continues not only to tour, but to churn out more-than-worthy new tracks to add to their vast catalog of gems, such as this rockin' take on the holiday classic. The all-instrumental tune is in digital-only format, and will be released on Tuesday, November 5th, 2013, via Foghat Records.

As Earl explains, “I wasn’t so sure about doing a stinkin’ Christmas song. Bah Humbug! But once the band got together it turned out to be a lot of fun. Towards the end, we had a few glasses of wine and everything was fine. Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas everybody!”

Bassett, who does some amazing slide playing on this track, also pointed out that he pays tribute to a legendary guitarist on the tune - "We decided to do a fun interpretation of a holiday classic and for my part I wanted to give a nod to one of my favorite guitarists, Lowell George of Little Feat."

In addition to the new instrumental version of “Winter Wonderland” (written by Felix Bernard & Richard B Smith), Foghat has gotten into the holiday spirit several times before, with such earlier tunes as "Run, Run Rudolph" (1978), "All I Want for Christmas is You” (1981), and "Going Home for Christmas" (a 1986 MTV Video) .

"We're still not sure where the inspiration for this came from. It probably involved wine!” adds MacGregor.
"Hope you all enjoy it, but don't play it loud next to your tree...everything falls off! Happy Holidays!!!"

Listen to the song on Youtube !





It's not often that fans get the opportunity to collaborate on a song with a rock band that has had the success that Foghat has obtained. But that was exactly what happened to a gentleman by the name of Phil Dessinger, when he won a contest asking fans to add lyrics to the originally all-instrumental tune, "495 Boogie," from Foghat's latest CD, 'Last Train Home.' And on July 9th, fans can hear the winning version, dubbed "The Word of Rock n' Roll," which is being issued via the band's own label, Foghat Records.

The contest entries were narrowed down to the final three by the band and judges Ken Dashow of WAXQ FM Classic Rock Radio in NYC and Jeb Wright of and then put up for voting by the fans. As Foghat explained in a statement: "Thank you to all of you who entered the ’495 Boogie’contest. What great lyrics! What an extremely difficult choice. We seriously like all three of the final entries (and many of the others), so for us they are all winners! But the votes are in and it was a VERY…VERY close contest."

"495 Boogie"(the most downloaded track on ‘Last Train Home’) was recorded in two takes. It came out of a jam with Roger's brother, Colin Earl, who came up with the song, Jeff Howell on bass and Lefty Lefkowitz on harmonica. Eventually, just for fun, Classic Rock DJ Charlie Ocean from Mobile, Alabama, added lyrics to "495 Boogie” renaming it "Big American Blonde,” and sent it to the band. Realizing that this was a very cool idea, Foghat decided to run a contest and invite their fans and all songwriters to add their own lyrics to the tune. Sadly, Charlie Ocean passed away on July 6, 2011, which led to the idea being put on hold. But eventually, the group felt it would be a fine way to pay tribute to their fallen friend, resulting in the contest running from October 2012 through February 2013.

And the lucky winner turned out to be Mr. Dessinger, whose back-story is an interesting one. The son of an original member of the CBS Orchestra through the golden years of live radio and TV, Phil followed his dad to all of the shows and grew up at what is now called the Ed Sullivan Theater. He has seen everybody perform from Sophie Tucker to the Beatles. He has written songs for a UNICEF-Special Olympics global campaign, an Off-Broadway rock musical and a series of independent artist projects.

Due to such anthems as “Slow Ride” and “Fool for the City,” Foghat has remained a classic rock radio staple since first appearing on the scene in the 1970's. And the band continues to rock on today, as evidenced by their aforementioned latest album, 'Last Train Home,' which was comprised of both original tracks and some fantastic re-worked blues classics. And Foghat's winning streak continues with the upcoming release of "The Word of Rock n' Roll."

"CONGRATULATIONS PHIL DESSINGER! Nice Job! Great lyrics…great story! Great positive song: 'Love my life, come on! May be a grind, but I’m strong'."


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